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Product List
Inductance proximity sensor
Capacitive proximity sensor
NAMUR sensor
Analog quantity sensor
Magnetism sensor
Yarn break detector
Hall sensor
Light screen sensor
Cold&hot metals detector
Cold hot metals detector
Crane crashworthy system
solid state relay
Conveyer safe switch
Pull a rope switch
Speed detector
Cam controller
pumps a slave unit
Link a gearing
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Company introduction  
  We management every variety nears to a switch, the light electricity switch, run to be partial to a switch, pull the rope switch, the speed switch, the cam controller, keep a type electromagnetism valve, tear to pieces a detector, flow to anticipate the examination device, anticipate an examination instrument, slip away slot to stop a detector, the dirty water pumps automatic control device, living a set of detector, cold and hot metals detector etc..We can also order a switch product of make the special model number for the customer.Company with the good management prestige and the high-quality product quality is applaud by social public deeply and the good opinion of the customer.

  The company owns own production factory house, the price of the product has absolute advantage;The company treats quality as and from cradle to the grave a life, promising each product all passes a strict examination.The company grasps a sincere desire and create a glorious aim together, have ambition at enterprising, work hard unremittingly, with the all new image, superior quality fast service, have a foothold Shanghai, radiate the whole country everyplace, prospect an international community, provide to have advanced level in world most for the large customer of industrial control product.We our product and application the knot put together, and at physically in operation give perfect with improvement, provide a necessity for each business enterprise of the support and the service.

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